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FernWind is the yearning for reaching out for the last unexplored corners of this world.

Our expeditions show the beauty of nature from a very rare perspective. Whether travelling the frozen wilderness in Russia on a dog sledge, trekking the rainforest in Borneo or bear territory in Kamchatka: Together we travel to exciting places far off the beaten tourist tracks. We experience the wonders of nature that are inaccessible for most people; far away from the civilization and its noise we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

FernWind is an Expedition Community that organizes sustainable adventure trips off the beaten tracks of mass tourism. This includes a fair payment of our expedition partners abroad as well as the protection of animals and environment. We intend to bring you close to nature and the culture of our expedition destinies. If possible, we support scientific research projects that let us explore some of the last untouched spots in the world.

Our destinations 2019: Russia, Norway, Borneo and Armenia

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  • I had transferred my money to strangers, traveled to Russia with strangers and started the husky tour with strangers… and it was the best experience of my life! Whoever is looking for an authentic experience with maaany challenges and doesn’t favour package holidays is totally at the right address here! I can only recommend you to join; it will have a positive impact on you for the rest of your life! Auuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Sophia Husky expedition 2017
  • I was part of one of the first husky tours through Russia. The area, the dogs, sledging were really amazing experiences, but what makes FernWind special is the team itself. Really cool people who definitely love what they do and totally enjoy the adventure themselves. Altogether 13 of 10 stars, I’d join again!

    Tim Husky expedition 2017
  • Armenia is such an amazing country and being able to explore the beautiful landscapes on horseback was an incredible experience. Our guides did a great job getting us acquainted with the culture and people of Armenia, I had such a great time

    Sarah Scouting Expedition Armenien 2018
  • I fell in love with the Hardangervidda in Norway!! Thanks to FernWind for an amazing, authentic and unforgettable experience in this unique environment close to the Hardangerjøkulen! Full support for the whole FernWind team!!!

    Marc Norwegen Tour 2019
  • The husky tour with FernWind was definitely one of my most beautiful travels. An adventure, an experience. I will never ever forget how it feels like leading a dog sledge with eight huskies over the frozen Volga. I have learned a lot on this trip, about huskies, Russia, humans, authenticity, courage, and about myself.

    Yvonne Husky expedition 2017
  • I am speechless and overwhelmed by the many impressions, the incredibly great gens, this proud country and the stunning landscape. Thanks to Vladimir's perfect performance as a guide, I learned more about the country than I ever imagined. Armenia close up. A huge thank you to Konstantin and FernWind for making this possible. Armenia, I'll see you.  

    Christine Scouting Expedition Armenia 2018
  • Great team, amazing travel destinations! If I had the time, I would certainly join each and every tour of FernWind!

    Marcel Husky Expedition 2017
  • I have joined the husky tour and it was the coolest experience ever. We’ve been greatly cared for; teaming up with the dogs has challenged us each day! During the tour I’ve made new friends beyond national borders.

    Niklas Husky expedition 2018
  • The biggest adventure! ... At this point a warm thank you for the fantastic organization and the incredibly great group!

    Franziska Husky expedition 2017
  • I had the pleasure to join the first ever husky expedition in Russia. It was one of the most authentic experiences I could ever imagine. Trips with the guys from Fernwind are a once in a lifetime experience, and I can just recommend it to everyone who loves the outdoors!

    Jan Philipp Husky Expedition 2017
  • On my first journey to Norway I deeply fell in love with Scandinavia. The extremes, endless plains of wild nature, rugged and challenging. Majestic landscapes that let you know: "You are very welcome here. But know what you are doing, we won't be kind."

    Moritz Scouting tour 2016
  • I got into close contact with local people and the other team members, but also towards the animals I have established a close friendship. Great thanks to the team leader, Konstantin, for his exquisite job and commitment.

    Dennis Husky expedition 2017
  • Driving through the ice desert of Russia with the dogs was just breathtaking and intense. You grow together with them, become a team and a small family. Dennis and Kosta have led our group excellently - thank you for this priceless experience!

    Selin Husky expedition 2018
  • The husky expedition was a genius experience! It’s fantastic, growing as a team with the dogs and, at the end of the day, not only to know their names but also their individual characters. A great (human) group, a sovereign expedition leader (thanks Dennis!) and beautiful weather have made this time together a perfect memory.

    Sophia Husky expedition 2018
  • A totally authentic group, an inspiring journey beyond any beaten tracks and one of the best experiences of my life! Pure adventure!

    Marie Husky expedition 2017

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