Konstantin SergijenkoGründer und Expeditionsleiter

Our founder and expedition leader.

Kosta is from Osnabrück and has also roots in Ukraine. He studied chemistry in Innsbruck and started organizing expeditions in 2016. After two husky expeditions and two trips to Kamchatka he became a freelancer by founding FernWind. He is the driving force behind the enterprise, aiming at taking adventurous people to special, remote places and inviting them to meet their own limits. He is the main organizer and guide of all expeditions.

He is well-trained in Krav Maga, and by that prepared for extreme situations and leading teams. Besides that, he is a first-aid attendant and lifeguard. By Russian being his mother language, he can communicate with the locals on-site and organize the trips in Russia and Armenia.


Expeditions: Husky, Kamchatka, Norway, Armenia

Languages: German, Russian, English