Land of the water

Norway Tour 2019


9 day trekking tour


in Hardangervidda, the largest plateau in Europe

Norway tour


Next step to expedition

At this 9 day tour we will hike through Hardangervidda, europes largest plateau, a region of nordic extremes.
Even Amundsen had found here the perfect conditions to train for his expedition to the south pole. In August the plateau is traversable by foot, at temperatures between 0 and 20 degrees most of the snow is gone, revealing the incredible landscape.
The challenges of hiking in Hardangervidda shift to carrying almost 10 kilograms of food additionally to the basic equipment and covering high distances at sometimes strong, chilling wind and horizontal spray rain.
The reward are days of clear, sunny weather with breathtaking landscapes and seemingly surreal plays of light while walking between glacier and fjord.

Either way: An intense nature experience, one never forgets.

  • I fell in love with the Hardangervidda in Norway!! Thanks to FernWind for an amazing, authentic and unforgettable experience in this unique environment close to the Hardangerjøkulen! Full support for the whole FernWind team!!!

    Marc Norwegen Tour 2019
  • On my first journey to Norway I deeply fell in love with Scandinavia. The extremes, endless plains of wild nature, rugged and challenging. Majestic landscapes that let you know: "You are very welcome here. But know what you are doing, we won't be kind."

    Moritz Scouting tour 2016

Trekking tour in Hardangervidda



With this tour we particularly want to address those people, who want to do the ‘next step’ from trekking to expedition. Our experienced team plannes the tour together with you (equipment, route, meals,…) and includes you into navigating with maps, compass and GPS.

We will hike on well maintained trails along the eastern border of Hardangervidda, its most mountainous part. Rarely, we will leave the national park of Hardangervidda, every couple of days we pass cabins. On day seven we reach Finse, a small, picturesque village at the foot of the glacier which- due to a lack of roads- can only be reached by train. Thereafter we leave Hardangervidda and for the last three days continue through the neighbouring Aurlandsdalen, a much greener and vital region with at least as much water.

Due to the remoteness and lack of access to eligible supplies, we will carry the food for 9 days ourselves.
We will sleep in tents.

Day Program
1 Arrival in Voss. Preparation and gear check.
2 Travel to Kinsarvik. Start of the hike.
3-7 Hike through Hardangervidda. Arrival in Finse.
8-9 Continuation of the hike through Aurlandsdalen.
10 Arrival in Vassbygdi.
11 Return to Voss. Final dinner. Travel back home.

The price for 10 days of adventure


1585€ * (Fully booked)

Date 2019

  • 2. August – 12. August

Application deadline: 21.4.2019

*If you book for two people you will get a 5% discount; for three people, it’s even 10%!

Included into the price:

    • Accomodation
    • Meals during the 9 day hike
    • Guides
    • Safety equipment and measurements
    • local transport

Not included: Journey to and from the meeting point, health insurance, travel cancellation insurance, Food for arrival and departure days, alcohol, Visa (not necessary for EU and swiss citicens)


      • Physical fitness: 25km with a full backpack (Men: 70+ litres, Women: 60-65 litres is no problem)
      • safe walking in difficult terrain
      • team spirit
      • willingness to step outside the comfort zone
      • experience with travelling and adapting yourself to other countries
      • excitement for adventure and new challenges

For 2019, unfortunately the tour is fully booked already. Do you want to be the first one to hear about our next norway tour? Then apply for our newsletter! Or have a look at our Kamtschatka tour, which also offers breath taking wilderness- trekking.

Further questions?

How do I get to the starting point of the expedition?

Getting there and back you’ve got to organize by yourself. You can decide on your own which airline you take or if you rather come by train, if you want to arrive earlier or stay longer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can also plan your trip together with other team members. We recommend to arrive a bit earlier, to get our bodies accustomed to the climate and get rid of the jet lag.

How do I book?

When application is open, you’ll find a button “Apply now!” on our homepage. This leads you to a questionnaire that you need to fill out as an assessment to test yourself and for us to get a first impression. There are no wrong answers! The questionnaire is no reason for dismissal! Afterwards you will speak to a FernWind team member to determine whether the tour suits you. Everything else will communicated in person.

Where do we sleep?

On the day of arrival, we will stay at a hostel. The remaining nights we will sleep in tents, while we have the chance to switch to a cabin up to three times.

Which equipment do I need for Norway?

Equipment for the group (navigation gear, satellite phone, emergency medication) is provided by us. You need a big backpack (approx. 60-70 litres), sleeping bag, sleeping pad, drybags, good hiking boots and appropriate, weatherproof clothing. If you have a light tent and cooking gear, you are welcome to bring it. After your application you will recieve a more detailled packing list.

What will we eat?

On the first and the last day of the tour we will eat in restaurants, during the hike we will cook for ourselves. Therefore, the team creates a menu that consists of well transportable (preserved and much energy at low weight) food. One menu will contain meat and there will be a vegetarian offer as well. We will try to respect further diets as far as possible. The final preparation and distribution of the meals will be done together with you on the day of arrival.

Can I quit the tour in case I get ill or have an accident?

Our expedition leaders have profound training and experience with first aid. Smaller injuries and illnesses can be treated locally. If quitting the tour becomes unavoidable, we can request local rescue forces via satellite phone.

How safe am I at the norway tour?

The trails in Hardangervidda are well maintained and very safe. Risks could (according to the weather) emerge at crossing snow fields which is why safe walking in difficult terrain is an important prerequisite. In order to avoid hypothermia, the second risk, our experienced guides will do an extended material check with you and brief you about the right behaviour along the tour.

Further questions about the norway tour?

Then just contact Moritz, out tour guide:

How do I pay?

We kindly ask you to transfer the costs on the FernWind bank account within five days after the confirmation of participation. You will be informed about the conditions of cancellation in detail after your application.

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