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Dog sledge tour in Russia


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in the Russian winter

Husky Tour


Why go out into the cold with dogs?

Russia in winter is no typical travel destination. We take you with us on an extraordinary journey: With 48 huskies we drive 150 kilometres up the icebound Volga River, through forests and snow-covered fields. In a two-days training you learn to take care of the huskies and the equipment. You team up with another team member and together you are responsible for a certain group of dogs. You help each other and grow together as a team. At the end of the day you will be saying self-confidently, that throughout the tour you became a musher (leader of a dog sledge).

  • I have joined the husky tour and it was the coolest experience ever. We’ve been greatly cared for; teaming up with the dogs has challenged us each day! During the tour I’ve made new friends beyond national borders.

    Niklas Husky expedition 2018
  • I was part of one of the first husky tours through Russia. The area, the dogs, sledging were really amazing experiences, but what makes FernWind special is the team itself. Really cool people who definitely love what they do and totally enjoy the adventure themselves. Altogether 13 of 10 stars, I’d join again!

    Tim Husky expedition 2017
  • I got into close contact with local people and the other team members, but also towards the animals I have established a close friendship. Great thanks to the team leader, Konstantin, for his exquisite job and commitment.

    Dennis Husky expedition 2017
  • Great team, amazing travel destinations! If I had the time, I would certainly join each and every tour of FernWind!

    Marcel Husky Expedition 2017
  • The biggest adventure! ... At this point a warm thank you for the fantastic organization and the incredibly great group!

    Franziska Husky expedition 2017
  • The husky tour with FernWind was definitely one of my most beautiful travels. An adventure, an experience. I will never ever forget how it feels like leading a dog sledge with eight huskies over the frozen Volga. I have learned a lot on this trip, about huskies, Russia, humans, authenticity, courage, and about myself.

    Yvonne Husky expedition 2017
  • Driving through the ice desert of Russia with the dogs was just breathtaking and intense. You grow together with them, become a team and a small family. Dennis and Kosta have led our group excellently - thank you for this priceless experience!

    Selin Husky expedition 2018
  • I had transferred my money to strangers, traveled to Russia with strangers and started the husky tour with strangers… and it was the best experience of my life! Whoever is looking for an authentic experience with maaany challenges and doesn’t favour package holidays is totally at the right address here! I can only recommend you to join; it will have a positive impact on you for the rest of your life! Auuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Sophia Husky expedition 2017
  • A totally authentic group, an inspiring journey beyond any beaten tracks and one of the best experiences of my life! Pure adventure!

    Marie Husky expedition 2017
  • I had the pleasure to join the first ever husky expedition in Russia. It was one of the most authentic experiences I could ever imagine. Trips with the guys from Fernwind are a once in a lifetime experience, and I can just recommend it to everyone who loves the outdoors!

    Jan Philipp Husky Expedition 2017

Husky Tour in Russia


This is awaiting you

After arriving at the airport or the train station of Samara we pick you up and take you to Toljatti, where we get to know each other and build up as a team. On the first day, we start training at the husky farm and besides theory, we’ll be having our first sledge ride. The second day of training is about getting deeper into theoretical content as well as practice. This is the preparation for our actual tour.

Early morning the sledge tour begins. A 40-kilometer distance is waiting for us and the dogs. After reaching our place to sleep, we look after the dogs first, then ourselves. The second stage is a bit shorter and offers great spots for photo shootings in breath-taking landscapes. By the end of the third stage, we reach an old monastery. The men will be sleeping here while the women spend the night in a traditional house in the village. The last part leads us through two remote settlements. At the end, dogs and mushers are brought back to the farm, where we celebrate our successful tour. Farewell on the seventh day.

Day Activities
 1 Arrival in Samara, transfer to Toljatti
2-4 Theoretical and practical training at the husky farm and excursions
5 Stage 1: 31 km
6 Stage 2: 42 km, Fotoshooting
7 Stage 3: 38 km to a monastery
8 Stage 4: 54 km, arrival at night
9 Stage 5: 32 km
10 Stage 6: 40 km, return to Tojatti and final party
11 departure, transfer to Samara

Our price for 11 days of adventure



If you book for two people you will get a 5% discount; for three people, it’s even 10%!

Dates 2019

  • 10th to 20th January
  • 21st February to 3rd March
  • 6th to 15th March (people who use wheelchairs or have prosthesis, max 7 participants)

This is included in the price:

  • accommodation for 7 days
  • catering
  • transfer from Samara (train station or airport) to the husky farm
  • 3 days training to become a musher
  • 6 days of dog sledge tour
  • introduction to the history of dog sledging
  • special gear and polar clothing, including gloves and winter boots
  • world known expedition photographer
  • photo shooting with huskies

Not included: visa, transport to Samara (We can help with getting the visa and trip planning!)

Requirements fo participation:

  • no dog hair allergy
  • no fear of dogs
  • basic physical fitness (standing for hours shouldn’t be a problem for you)
  • team spirit
  • willingness to forgo comfort
  • experience with travelling and adapting yourself to other countries
  • excitement for adventure and new challenges
  • optional: some skills in the Russian language or experience with dog sledging, medicine, photography and filming, travel journalism, etc.

Secure your spot!

Show your interest by filling in the form and get a fixed place after a talk with us.

Our team


How do I get to the starting point of the expedition?

Getting there and back you’ve got to organize by yourself. You can decide on your own which airline you take or if you rather come by train, if you want to arrive earlier or stay longer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can also plan your trip together with other team members.

What will we eat?

We will buy food in our location. Together we will prepare typical Russian dishes. Apart from that, you should bring snacks like nuts, chocolate, cereal bars and maybe even some fruit with you.

What sort of equipment do I need for dog sledging?

In the Russian winter, staying warm is the most important thing of all: underwear for skiing, thick socks and gloves is a must. You will receive polar clothing from us after arrival: handmade down trousers and jacket that are adequate for cold temperatures, winter boots and thick gloves.

Where will we sleep on the husky tour?

We will spend the nights in traditional oven-heated Russian huts. You need to bring your own sleeping bag as well as a sleeping mat.

How do I book?

When application is open, you’ll find a button “Apply now!” on our homepage. This leads you to a questionnaire that you need to fill out as an assessment to test yourself and for us to get a first impression. There are no wrong answers! The questionnaire is no reason for dismissal! Afterwards you will speak to a FernWind team member to determine whether the tour suits you. Everything else will communicated in person.

How do I pay?

We kindly ask you to transfer half of the costs on the FernWind bank account within five days after the confirmation of participation. The rest of the payment is due two weeks before the journey starts.
You will be informed about the conditions of cancellation in detail after your application.

Can I quit the expedition in case I get ill or if I have an accident?

Smaller injuries and light sickness will be treated by us. If quitting the expedition is unavoidable, you will be evacuated to the expedition base or to hospital. For the case of accidents, a snowmobiles will take you to the next road quickly where an ambulance will be waiting for you.

How save am I at the husky tour?

Smaller injuries are the greatest risk: sprained ankles, blisters, grazes etc. These can be easily treated with our medical equipment and skills. Stronger injuries will be treated by a medically trained person that is with us all the time.
Besides, there is the option to be taken to hospital by snowmobile or by car.

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