An adventure on horseback

in Armenia


horse trekking


on the verge of the Caucasus

horse riding expedition


Why go to Armenia?

From the backs of our horses we will get to know Armenia from a very special perspective. Being the first country in world’s history that was converted to Christianity, Armenia, unlike any other country, unites the magic of the Orient with occidental culture and traditions.

We will be riding from the north to the south, examining archaeological sensations, and exploring remains of the ancient Silk Road.
Our expedition takes us along Lake Sevan, where we will soon reach a mountain plateau and later the southern part of the mountain range around Gomk. Stunning mountain landscapes are awaiting us as well as campfire atmosphere in a country of many faces that will captivate us by its beauty.

  • I am speechless and overwhelmed by the many impressions, the incredibly great gens, this proud country and the stunning landscape. Thanks to Vladimir's perfect performance as a guide, I learned more about the country than I ever imagined. Armenia close up. A huge thank you to Konstantin and FernWind for making this possible. Armenia, I'll see you.  

    Christine Scouting Expedition Armenia 2018
  • Armenia is such an amazing country and being able to explore the beautiful landscapes on horseback was an incredible experience. Our guides did a great job getting us acquainted with the culture and people of Armenia, I had such a great time

    Sarah Scouting Expedition Armenien 2018

Expedition in Armenia on horseback


This is awaiting you

We meet in the capital Yerevan where we will pick you up from the airport. After arriving at the hotel, we will get to know each other and take a guided tour through the 2800 year old city.

On our way over Armenia’s fascinating mountain range scenery we visit the historic monastery buildings, the tempel Garni, and Lake Sevan. From the third day on, we continue our trip on horseback. Armenian horses are well adapted to mountainous terrain by their nature and physique. They are sure-footed, resilient, and known for their calm character. We will come across shepherd settlements, gallop over the vast grassland, and cover a long distance. Our way is lined by ancient rock carvings and so-called “Khachkars” (memory stones). We basically ride through an enormous open-air exhibition. Armenians are very hospitable, cooperative, and warm people. Visitors are always welcome and invitations for a cup of tea and some home-made delicacies will not be long in coming. Authentic moments like these mirror the soul of this country and have already left the participants of the Scouting Expedition of 2018 deeply impressed.

Apply now and secure yourself an unforgettable adventure on horseback on the verge of the Caucasus.

Tag Programm Reitstrecke Unterkunft
 1 Arrival in Yerevan, Armenia Hotel
2 Guided city tour in Yerevan, departure to Yeranos by minivan Tent
3 Yeranos – Mt. Spitakasar – Dzoragyugh 27 km Tent
4 Dzoragyugh – Argitchi – Vaghashen 25 km Tent
5 Vaghashen – Gomer 19 km Tent
6 Gomer – Kopoy-Var 13 km Tent
7 Kopoy-Var – Orbelian Caravanseray, transfer to Yeghesis 20 km Hotel
8 Yeghegis – Vayots Sar Vulkan – Herher – Gomk; ride to Lake Kapuyt 19 km Horse farm
9 Gomk – Artavan – Gomk 32 km Horse farm
10 Gomk – Martiros, transfer to Yerevan 13 km Hotel
11 Departure from Jerewan

Costs for 11 days of adventure



*If you book for two people you will get a 5% discount; for three people it’s even 10%!

Dates 2019

  • 15th  to 25th August 2019
  • 5th to 15th September 2019

This is included in the price:

  • accommodation throughout the whole time
  • food during the 9-days tour
  • guides
  • transportation costs on-site
  • riding gear and horses
  • safety equipment and security precaution
  • cultural programme and excursions
  • expedition photographer
  • photo shoot with horses

Not included: visa, flights, travel heath insurance, food at the day of arrival and departure

People of German, Austrian, or Swiss nationality do not need an entry visa when staying not longer than 180 days per year.

Requirements for participation

  • riding skills: beginner level – horses are sure-footed, have a friendly character, and are easy to ride
  • physical fitness and stamina: every now and then we will cross terrain impossible to ride; we will hike here next to our horses; average riding time is 5-7 hours per day
  • maximum weight 90 kg
  • respectful & fair behavior towards animals and people
  • stress resistance
  • team spirit
  • flexibility in comfort
  • excitement for adventure, the unknown, and new challenges

Optional: some skills in the Russian language; training/experience in medicine, photography, or film-making, travel journalism, etc.

We are taking applications!

Our Team

Noch Fragen?

How do I get to the starting point of the expedition?

Getting there and back you’ve got to organize by yourself. You can decide on your own which airline you take or if you rather come by train, if you want to arrive earlier or stay longer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can also plan your trip together with other team members.

What will we eat?

We will buy food in our location. Together we will prepare typical Russian dishes. Apart from that, you should bring snacks like nuts, chocolate, cereal bars and maybe even some fruit with you.

What sort of equipment do I need for dog sledging?

In the Russian winter, staying warm is the most important thing of all: underwear for skiing, thick socks and gloves is a must. You will receive polar clothing from us after arrival: handmade down trousers and jacket that are adequate for cold temperatures, winter boots and thick gloves.

Where will we sleep on the husky tour?

We will spend the nights in traditional oven-heated Russian huts. You need to bring your own sleeping bag as well as a sleeping mat.

How do I book?

When application is open, you’ll find a button “Apply now!” on our homepage. This leads you to a questionnaire that you need to fill out as an assessment to test yourself and for us to get a first impression. There are no wrong answers! The questionnaire is no reason for dismissal! Afterwards you will speak to a FernWind team member to determine whether the tour suits you. Everything else will communicated in person.

How do I pay?

We kindly ask you to transfer half of the costs on the FernWind bank account within five days after the confirmation of participation. The rest of the payment is due two weeks before the journey starts.
You will be informed about the conditions of cancellation in detail after your application.

Can I quit the expedition in case I get ill or if I have an accident?

Smaller injuries and light sickness will be treated by us. If quitting the expedition is unavoidable, you will be evacuated to the expedition base or to hospital. For the case of accidents, a snowmobiles will take you to the next road quickly where an ambulance will be waiting for you.

How save am I at the husky tour?

Smaller injuries are the greatest risk: sprained ankles, blisters, grazes etc. These can be easily treated with our medical equipment and skills. Stronger injuries will be treated by a medically trained person that is with us all the time.
Besides, there is the option to be taken to hospital by snowmobile or by car.

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